Face Complex Care for Skin Prone to Pigmentation – 56202

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Say "YES" to unified skin colour, say "NO" to pigmentation!

Is your skin prone to pigmentation, and do you try to avoid sunlight? Although that is the right decision, it is not enough! Your skin needs special care. Pigmentation - they are not just the freckles that adorn the faces of some women. They are a big problem for many people. Skin that is prone to pigmentation requires reliable protection. Comprehensive care for skin that is prone to pigmentation - that is the great duo of two products that will help you in the fight against "spots"!

Step 1: mask-elixir with an extract from the licorice root and opuntia. - it balances out the colour of the skin - it effectively combats pigmentation and improves skin texture

Step 2: beneficial cream. - it enhances the effect of the mask and provides the skin with deep hydration - it stimulates skin regeneration thanks to its natural acids The cream has a very fine structure, it is easily absorbed and it does not cause a feeling of heaviness on the face. Regular use results in soft, hydrated skin, a lovely colour, the smoothing of shallow wrinkles and elasticity! This set can be used not only for skin that is prone to pigmentation, but also to balance out the colour of the skin. Make sure you protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation, and remember that the sun is active all year round!

APPLICATION: Step 1: apply the mask-elixir onto cleansed skin for 15-20 minutes, and then remove it and rinse the skin with water. Step 2: apply the beneficial cream onto the skin immediately or within 10-12 hours after using the mask. It can be used as a night cream. Use the complex care 1-2 times a week. Use the product immediately after opening it.