Foot Deo Control Phyto Cream Foot Deo Control Phyto Cream – 45907

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Foot Deo Control Phyto Cream Feel the Freshness of Siberian Taiga!

Skin Care and Deodorant Action

Code: 45907 , Weight: 80 g

 Caring for the skin of your feet requires no less attention than caring for your hands. Every day our feet get tired and sweaty from all the strain we put on them. However, often instead of taking care of the skin on their feet, people just hide them in closed footwear. What can be done? Should you use deodorant? It will only mask the odor for a while...

There’s one way out: Foot Deo Control Phyto Cream with natural components, which do not block the unpleasant odor but help eliminate the root cause of bad smells. It contains no fragrances or parabens! This rejuvenating complex contains extracts of taiga plants, natural oils and zinc oxide: - helps prevent unpleasant odors and excessive sweatiness; - makes your skin fresh and reliably protected; - actively softens, nourishes and moisturizes the skin of your feet.

Use it regularly to restore the skin tone, heal skin cracks, eliminate dryness and peeling. Your feet will not only be protected from odors, they will be reliably protected overall.

APPLICATION: Apply the cream to clean and dry skin of your feet daily, put on cotton socks over your feet at night.