Detergents for white linen – 144308

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Pack weight: 1200 g


Description: Returns the initial Belize fabrics, suitable for people with sensitive skin .Horosho rinse, does not contain chlorine and optical brighteners. Suitable for people with sensitive skin. Without smell. Created based on alkylpolyglucosides - "sugar" surfactants of vegetable origin. It is safe for the body and the environment, with a good job pollution even in cool water (at 30 ° C). One vial is intended for 40 washings (200 kg load).

Suitable for all types of washing machines and hand washing at t from 30 to 60 °.

- Well rinse, without stopping in the fabric fibers

- Do not irritate the skin, and has no toxic effects It does not contain fragrances and anionic surfactants Fully decomposed in the biosphere in 28 days -Rekomenduem Used in conjunction with tourmaline areas for washing

Application: With a washing machine - 25-100 ml. means for 4.5 kg of dry laundry depending upon the degree of contamination and water hardness things. When hand-washing - 25-50 ml of product in 5 liters of water. Before applying stir. Note: With time may change color, which does not affect its efficacy. Keep out of the reach of children. Storage: Store at t 5 to 20 ° C, protected from direct sunlight. Composition: more than 5 but not less than 15% of non-ionic surfactants less than 5% of amphoteric surfactant, at least 5% carboxymethylcellulose.