Detergent AURA Fresh colored fabrics – 144307

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Pack weight: 1200 g

Detergent AURA Fresh colored fabrics The nature of things cleanliness.

Code: 144307, 1000 ml

DESCRIPTION: "For a long time keeps the brightness of colored stuff, suitable for people with sensitive skin Created from alkylpolyglucosides -.." Sugar "surfactants of vegetable origin is safe for the body and the environment, with a good job pollution even in cool water (at 30 ° C). 1 bottle for 40 washings (200 kg load).

- Suitable for all types of washing machines and hand washing

- Well rinse, without stopping in the fabric fibers

- Do not irritate the skin, and has no toxic effects

- Does not contain fragrances and anionic surfactants

- Completely degrades in the biosphere in 28 days We recommend to use together with tourmaline areas for washing. "

APPLICATION: When machine washing - means for 25-100 ml of 4.5 kg of dry laundry depending upon the degree of contamination and water hardness things. When hand-washing - 25-50 ml of product in 5 liters of water. Shake before using.