Orthophyt Phyto Bath Orthophyt Phyto Bath – 34406

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Orthophyt Phyto

Bath Easy, breezy gate!

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DESCRIPTION: The herbal complex and sea salt components contained in the composition of the phyto bath help boost metabolic processes in tissue, have a regenerative action and help restore physical vigor. Combined use with Orthophyt massage gel will multiply the effect. The phyto bath also features anti-stress and antiseptic properties. It is recommended to take a bath 2-3 times a week; the maximum course is 10 procedures. For maximum effectiveness, supplement the course with Orthophyt gel.


1. The phyto brew or infusion for bathing is prepared in advance (on the same day) and added to the bath before the procedure.

2. Before bathing, it is necessary to take a shower.

3. Pour 1 filter packet with the herbal mix with 1.5 l of boiled water and infuse in a thermos for 1.5 h.

4. Add the infusion to a bath filled with water (25-30 l). Water temperature: 36-38ºC.

5. Dissolve 1 packet of sea salt in the bath.

6. From time to time, pour water on parts of your body not submerged in water.

7. Duration of the procedure must not exceed 15 minutes.

8. After bathing, blot your body with a towel; lie or sit quietly (it is preferable not to read or watch TV during this time) for 30-40 minutes.

9. Take a bath 2-3 times a week; the maximum course is 10 procedures.

Caution: the composition of the substance may color the surface of the bath.