Active Peeling Gel Facial Marine Collagen – 13507

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Active Peeling Gel Facial Marine Collagen

"Hollywood cleansing": the secret star perfect skin!

Code: 13507, 80 g

DESCRIPTION: "Active Peeling Gel Marine Collagen is a product of" 2 in 1 ": it combines cleansing ingredients with caring tool works by peeling-bedroll:. Remove the upper stratum corneum, opens the access to the useful components to new cells. Peeling Gel is enriched with extracts of seaweed, purslane, and hyaluronic acid. These components confer agent moisturizing and nourishing properties. After peeling change the appearance of the skin, the color and overall, the effectiveness of follow-up of cosmetics increased significantly.

APPLICATION: "Apply a small amount of peeling gel to cleansed face, except the eye area, massage for 1-2 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with cool water. Not recommended for use before tanning."