Orthophyt Oxgall Body Massage Gel – 34401

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Orthophyt Oxgall

Body Massage Gel Active life and joy of movement


Recommended for massage in the areas of the arm joints, leg joints, and spine. It helps to improve blood microcirculation in the epidermis.

Reduces inflammation in the joints and spine, improves blood circulation, provides restoring of connective and cartilaginous tissue.

The gel’s special formula allows the product’s active ingredients to be absorbed quickly. It contains mint oil, olive oil, rosemary extract, propolis, vanillyl butyl ether, dimethyl sulfone, fir needle extract, eucalyptus oil.

Active ingredients Oxgall is used as a ainkilling and resolving agent for external use in case of acute and chronic arthrpsis (joint disease), arthritis (joint inflammation), bursitis (joint capsule inflammation), tendovaginitis (tendon inflammation), spondylarthrosis (spine disease) and sec- ondary radiculitis. Soybean Oil enables recovery of epidermal barrier and moisture retaining‘ability of skin and has an evident regenerating effect due to tocop erols and phytosterols. Mint Oil has antiviral and antibacterial effects. It is a quick muscle painkiller in case of overstress or sudden stress. Eucalyptus Oil is an effective painkiller in case of joint and muscle paint kills pain and relieves joint inflammation. Fir Extract intensifies the gel effect and enables regeneration of connective and cartilaginous tissues.

 Use: massage into joint problem areas until fully absorbed. Recommended course of use: daily for 3-4 weeks; repeat the course after two-week treat-ment-free period, if necessary. It can be well combined with tradi-tional methods of treatment.