Tourmaline Washing Spheres – 144301

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Pack weight: 600 g

                        Tourmaline Washing Spheres!

Revolutionary washing technology.....


Innovative tool for environmentally friendly and cost efficient laundry. Spheres are composed of 100% natural ingredients – Tourmaline Granules, Zeolite, Rare Earth Metals and Silver. Contain no Surfactants, Phosphates and other synthetic substances. Due to the absence of aggressive chemical constituents the spheres are completely harmless to human health and the environment. Do not cause irritation and allergic reactions. Substitute both: laundry detergent and fabric softener. One pack of tourmaline spheres is tailored for 1200 washing cycles or 2 years of use.

When you need it

Tourmaline spheres provide excellent washing results without phosphates and surfactants. Granules of the tourmaline sphere have a strong antibacterial effect and remove unpleasant odour. Make tissue feel wonderfully soft, fresh and protect the colour. Suitable for hand and machine wash either in warm or cold water.