Phyto tea № 1 with kypria and leuzea – 113909

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Phytotea with Rosebay and Melissa for Men

Man’s Health


Each kind of “Man’s Health” Programme Phytotea contains Rosebay herb, which renders a distinct beneficial action upon man’s health. It is rich in phytosterols – unique steroid hormone forming materials, as well as in tanning substances, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals. Ideal for treating genitourinary inflammatory diseases.

When you need it

Composing herbs work well for a fast refreshment, while maintaining energy and physical potential, as well as accelerate and improve the quality of sleep.

Recommendations for use: 1 package (1.5 g.), Pour 1 cup hot water (200 ml). 85-95 degrees and 10-15 minutes, squeeze. Adults take 1 glass 2 times a day. The duration of the 3 - 4 weeks