Tourmaline Spot Application Knee Pads – 30129

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The Freedom and Comfort of Every Movement!


Helps to relieve muscle tension, provide comfort when walking. Knee pads are recommended for people whose work is connected with long-term static and / or shock loads on the knee joint: teachers, athletes, vendors, drivers and the elderly. As well as the men and women are overweight because increases the load on the joints.

Method of Use:

Directly on the knee joint , place a damp cloth over which secure the knee . Recommended application time increased gradually, self- regulating process . The first week of use it for 10 minutes two times a day. From the second week to increase the use time of 15 minutes to 2 times per day ( for 1 minute adding a day). Bring up to 20 minutes 2 times a day and stick to that recommendation 3 months. After a month break, the course can be repeated , following the same regime . Knee pads are useful to everyone who cares about their well-being and seeks active longevity.

Tourmaline is the only one among all the creatures on earth minerals, which has a constant magnetic field. Everyone knows that person's blood contains iron (approximately 4.2 g), so the whole body has an electromagnetic field. When interacting with tourmaline microcurrents created, and in the cells increases metabolism.

Thus, it appears beneficial effect on the body.

Improves blood circulation and lymph flow,

oxygen levels in the blood,

activated energy cells

regulated by the nervous system.

When applying products with spot application of tourmaline everyone feels pleasant, gradually increasing heat, which allows you to relax and rejuvenate.

Please note that it is not recommended to use products of tourmaline

at high temperature,



damage to the skin in the area for applying product, people with metal implants in the body.