Tea drink "Ginger tea" – 120105

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Ginger tea.

 Ginger tea - a young body and spirit, interest in the eyes of the opposite sex, harmony and ease in the body, peace of mind, strong immunity!

After drinking ginger tea before meals,- you provide yourself with a healthy appetite.

Drinking ginger tea after meals - will better digestion.

Ginger tea has many beneficial properties:

• Has anti-inflammatory, healing, antibacterial action

• Has a calming effect on the body

• Improves digestion

• It improves cerebral blood flow

• Output from the body toxins

• Promotes rapid and effective weight loss

 Recommendations for use:

Pour the contents of one package of 150-200 ml. 70-80 degrees hot water, stir and cover with a saucer. Allow to infuse for 3-5 minutes. Tea is ready for use.

Can be divided into 2 cups package because the taste is very rich.

Drink ONLY in the morning!