Anti-Wrinkle Nourishing Mat-Effect Cream – 12116

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Pack weight: 80 g

Anti-Wrinkle Nourishing Mat-Effect Cream 50 g

The Strength of Herbs.


Action: enriches skin with all indispensible nourishing and moisturizing components, stimulates metabolic processes in tissues and enhances firmness, activating cellular breathing and smoothing wrinkles.

Result: skin is toned and enriched with nourishing components, it is firm, velvet like, smooth and some tiny defects (pigmented spots, wrinkles) are removed.

Ingredients: Active ingredients: • Ginseng Extract • Ginger Extract • Green tea extract • The essential oil of ginger • The essential oil of ylang-ylang • Jasmine essential oil • geranium essential oil • Vitamins A C E • Hamamelis extract • The extract of saffron • Allantoin • angelica extract • Aloe vera