Sanitary pads for night time "Herbal Energy" – 61903

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Sanitary pads for night time «Herbal Energy»pads contain phyto-composition FCM made out of 49 healing herbs

Recommended in complex therapy of gynecopathies in women with apparent inflammatory processes, for prevention of gynecopathies, for normalization of endocrine profile and enhancement of life quality. An effective product against thrush.
Contain express-test for microflora control.
Intended for night time use during periods. Have a prolonged shape, glued surface tightly attaches, perfectly protects from leaking during your sleep. The best therapeutic result is achieved when used in combination with phytoteas «With Red Brush» or «Ortilia Secunda» and consequential application of pads «Herbal Energy»: for day time – for night time – daily.

Use of sanitary pads Tiande for the various phases of the menstrual cycle contributes to:

stabilize the menstrual cycle;

elimination of dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation);

hanging the protective functions of female genital mutilation;

prevention and treatment of fungal infections, and female genital mutilation;

normalization of microflora and pH;

recovery and treatment of ectopic uterine fibroids;

reduction of inflammatory processes;

enhance sexual desire;

to pregnancy, when dealing with infertility.



      Course  90 days!